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My five minutes of fame came when I wrote about ‘Why I created my retirement account when I was 20 years old’. Since then, the Underage Investor just seemed right. Might need to change the name once I hit 30.

If you want to see what I invest in, I’ve made my portfolio public at the link below.

My Portfolio

You can invest alongside with me. If you end up doing so, I highly recommend setting up auto-investing a few hundred dollars every month. I’ve also made my personal finance guide available at 101.finance.

This isn’t investment advice, use your judgement and do your own research.

A little about me..

I recently left AWS after six years and am currently working on my own startup, TinyStacks.

Cofounded and manage Cordoba Funds - a series of rental income real estate funds. Cordoba Fund currently manages $10M+ of capital across the country backed by 150+ investors.

In my free time, I serve on the endowment board of a few non-profits and talk about personal finance. 

Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Would love to get to know you personally.

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