My 2021 stock portfolio

My secret is simple: I buy every week.

You know, lost souls are not that different from those in the zone. The zone is enjoyable, but when that joy becomes an obsession, one becomes disconnected from life.

Moonwind, Soul (Disney Movie)

While I love investing, I remind myself that it is only an instrument not a means to an end. If you’re reading this, you can probably afford to invest while millions are suffering everyday. Join me in supporting

My 2021 portfolio

Active investors statistically perform worse than passive investors. That’s why majority of my portfolio follows the QQQ index, which contains the Top 100 of Nasdaq stocks including top tech companies (FAANG, etc). Because it’s a weighted index, well-performing stocks become a larger percent of the pie and those that decline fall out.

My Portfolio

My basket of stocks contains:

  • The top 65% of QQQ with a few filtered out (too much debt, etc)

  • A few handpicked stocks across the technology sector that make up the remaining 35%.

My secret is simple: I buy every week. Consistency hedges against timing the market.

A few notable additions to the handpicked list include: Etsy, Roku and Ring Central. More details on changes in the portfolio compared to last year can be found on the bottom.

I also recommend you check out my personal finance guide:

If you already use my portfolio, below are some steps to update it:

  1. Go to the link, make sure you’re logged in and click ‘Save to my account’

  2. Then go to your M1 app, click ‘Manage pie’ -> ‘Edit pie’ -> ‘+’ Button

  3. Go to the ‘My Pies’ tab, select ‘Safeer’s 2021 Portfolio’ and ‘Done’

  4. Adjust the 2021 Portfolio to 100% and remove the old portfolio

M1 will automatically calculate which stocks to purchase/sell based on the new percentages.

Happy New Year,